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Sunday, April 25, 2010

We're Back In The Saddle Again!

Do you ever feel like your "to do" list is so long you can't keep up and something has to give?    The past couple of weeks soap making has had to take a back seat to personal responsibilities.  You know, things like husbands, houses, kids, pets, and full time jobs.   Well, I'm glad to say that the break is over and we are getting our grove back.

I made a big batch of body butter and sugar scrub today.   Have you ever made body butter or lotion?   If not, you should try it.   You will be amazed at how easy it is.   Very soon I will put a little tutorial up.

I love Sugar Scrub!  I wish I could climb into a bath tub full of it!    Did you see the last several posts and the Sugar Scrub survey we did with some of our friends?    We posted several recipes for you to try.

For soap making, body butter or sugar scrub supplies you can visit us at or

To give you a sneak peak of some upcoming posts, here are a couple that we will be focusing on.

French Milled or Hand Milled Soap or Rebatching Soap
Creative Ways to Wrap Your Soap
How to Swirl
Body Butter Tutorial

Until next time.....Soap On!