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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Scrub E Results

This scrub makes a solid scrub bar!  You can pour these scrubs into shaped molds for a different look (silicone baking molds work very well).

15 ounces of Cocoa Butter
7.5 ounces of Shea Butter
.8 ounces of Stearic Acid
1.3 ounces of Polawax
.7 ounces of Beeswax
2.4 ounces of Avocado Oil
2.5 ounces of Sweet Almond Oil
.6 ounces of Cyclomethicone
.6 ounces of Dimethicone
.3 ounces of Fragrance Oil, if desired
32 ounces of sugar

Phase 1:  Melt the butters, stearic acid, polawax, beeswax and oils in a double boiler until all the ingedients are melted.
Phase 2:  Remove from heat and add the cyclomethicone, dimethicone and fragrance oil.
Phase 3:  Add the sugar and mix well.  Allow the mixture to cool until it becomes thick and almost solid.
Phase 4:  Pour the mixture into a mold and put in the fridge or freezer until set.  Let sit for 24 hours before using.

Here is what are raters said....

The scrubs were rated on Appearance, Texture, Feel of Skin After Use and Overall Rating.  The rating scale was A-F.   A - being Extremely and F - being Not At All. (we had 5 participants in the study)

Appearance    A - 3, B - 1, C - 1, D - 0, E - 0, F - 0

Texture     A - 0, B - 0, C - 2, D - 2, E - 0, F - 1

Feel of the Skin After Use    A - 1, B - 1, C - 2, D - 1, E - 0, F - 0

Overall Rating    A - 0, B - 1, C - 3, D - 1, E - 0, F - 0

 "I loved the idea of a scrub soap but this was too crumbly.  It fell apart while using it, into chunks, VERY greasy too."

"Kind of rough on skin, but loved it afterward!  Love it for my feet."

"I felt it was way too rough. I like the idea of having a scrub in bar form, though.
Scrubs C,D and E left my bathtub VERY slippery."

"He was gone before I was done!"