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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TUESDAY TIP DAY - How to....

             Retain Fragrance in Your Bath Salts & Bath Bombs           
One of the challenges we all have is how to retain the scent of our fragrances and essential oils in our bath products over time.  Dendritic salt is a key secret ingredient in this battle. Dendritic salt is a very fine grain salt that has been designed to provide greater surface area.  This increased surface area helps lock in and hold fragrance, reduces clumping and requires less pigment if you color your products.  
Incorporating dendritic salt into your products is very easy.  Slowly mix your fragrance or essential oil in with the dendritic salt in a separate bowl.  The recommended usage for dendritic salt is 5% to 10% of your dry ingredients.  Once your fragrance or essential oil is fully mixed with the dendritic salt, mix your dendritic salt in with the rest of your ingredients.
The great news about this secret ingredient is that dendritic salt is very inexpensive.  We sell dendritic salt over at our shop at Artfire for $2.00 a pound or $8.00 for 5 pounds.  Stop on by our shop and check it out.