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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Terrific Tip Tuesday - Shavings

What do you do with all those pieces of soap you shave off your good bars of soap?   Do you throw them away? Below are a few ideas of how I use my soap shavings...

1.   Take your soap shavings and place them in a sisal soap bag like the one below!   Each time the bag gets a little low, just drop in a few more shavings.  I love these bags!   A great way to get clean and exfoliate! 

2.  Do you knit or do any type of yarn craft?   Put your soap shavings in a muslin bag and toss it in the bag with your latest yarn project.   It will make your yarn smell really good!

3.  Rebatch, Handmill or French Mill your soap shavings - this is a great way to save your soap shavings!   Recently I decided to tackle rebatching my soap shavings and some older bars of soap and it was really simple!   Look for a post on rebatching soon.

4.  Create sachets with scented soap bits and shavings to scent drawers, closets and anywhere else (including the car) that might need a fresh pick up.

Soooo......what do you do with your soap shavings?


Nanney's Creek Bath & Body said...

Nice Blog and good tip!!

Capricorn Soap Company said...

Great tips here! Thanks for sharing.


Capricorn Soap Company