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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scrub B Results

Scrub B is an example of an “emulsified” scrub.  I chose to use dendritic salt for this scrub but you can use sugar if you prefer.

1.55 ounces Stearic Acid
1.97 ounces Emulisfying Wax
2.96 ounces Apricot Kernel Oil
2.11 ounces Avocado Oil
1.27 ounces Cocoa Butter
1 cup of dendritic salt
Fragrance Oil

Phase 1:  Combine oils, stearic acid and emulsifying wax and melt in a double broiler.
Phase 2:  Once melted, add sugar.  Allow to cool.
Phase 3:  Once cool, add fragrance if desired.

Here is what are raters said....

The scrubs were rated on Appearance, Texture, Feel of Skin After Use and Overall Rating.  The rating scale was A-F.   A - being Extremely and F - being Not At All. (we had 5 participants in the study)

Appearance    A - 4, B - 1, C - 0, D - 0, E - 0, F - 0

Texture     A - 4, B - 0, C - 1, D - 0, E - 0, F - 0

Feel of the Skin After Use    A - 2, B - 3, C - 0, D - 0, E - 0, F - 0

Overall Rating    A - 3, B - 2, C - 0, D - 0, E - 0, F - 0

"I loved scrub A for it's carressness but I love Scrub B for it's creamy, buttery feeling.  Loved the mild smell and my skin felt great!  Each A & B offer a unique scrub depending on what you want for that bath exeperience!"

"Didn't have as much "grittiness" as I would've liked, but was a good texture to glide over the skin when putting it on. It left my skin a little oily, I probably would like to use in the summer when I've been in the sun or the pool alot and need the extra moisture."