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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Terrific Tip Tuesday

Bubblicious Soap Mold!

I really love cool soap molds and the other day when I was surfing the net I saw the cutest idea I knew I had to try. Thanks goes to Cathy Winsby over at for inspiring me with her Sweet Citrus Honey soap and her very creative use of bubble wrap!

Step 1: Cut two pieces of bubble wrap – one to fit the bottom of your soap mold and one to fit over the top of your soap once it is poured into the mold. Both pieces should be roughly the same size.

Step 2: Line your soap mold as usual. In this case, I used a Martha Stewart drawer organizer I purchased at Kmart as my mold and lined it with freezer paper.

Step 3: Place one of your pieces of bubble wrap in the bottom of your lined mold with the bubbles facing up.

Step 4: Make your soap and pour the soap into the mold.

Step 5: Place the second piece of bubble wrap over the soap once it is poured. Make sure you place it with the bubbles facing down. Carefully press the bubble wrap down so that the soap fills in the holes of the bubble wrap. Make sure you use caution as your soap will be very hot.

Step 6: Unmold your soap after 24 hours.

NOTE: It does appear you can use the bubble wrap over and over as mine came out clean and intact when I unmolded.

Buzz on over tomorrow for

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