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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Name That Spice!

It has been a little lonely blogging without getting much feedback so we thought we would have a little fun this week!

If you have been following our blog, you know that we recently posted about natural colorants you can use to color your soaps. We thought we would put this information to the test and experiment a bit this week. Below are four soaps we made using natural colorants fresh off our spice rack. Yep..each of the soaps in the picture below are colored with spices you can find in your spice cabinet.

Here is the fun part. We would love to hear your best guesses for what we used to color each of the four soaps below. Leave a comment with your best guess by 9pm EST on Saturday, Feb. 20th. The person who gets them all right (or the most right) will win 8 ounces of refined shea butter FREE (including shipping) from us! In the event that multiple people get all four correct, we’ll randomly select the winner.

Let the guessing begin! Soap On!


angelskies said...

Bentonite, Poppy Seeds, Paprika, Comfrey Root