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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Saving Lives

....One Bar of Soap At A Time

Did you know that
9000 children will die today? And, did you know that those deaths could be reduced up to 60% by the simple hygene practice of washing one's hands? Yep - That's right!

So, how can we help? The Handmade Soap Guild and Clean The World, Inc. have partnered together and are asking anyone who has some "not so perfect" or "ugly" handmade soap they are not using, to donate it to Clean The World, Inc. In turn, Clean The World will rebatch and purify the soap and send it overseas. For full details and mailing information
click here

Please note - If you decide to make a donation - Clean The World, Inc. has moved. Their new mailing address is:

Clean the World
8026 Sunport Dr. Suite 306
Orlando, FL 32809